Centre for Energy Studies

Centre for Energy Studies (CES) is a leading academic and consulting workplace with an expertise in energy policy and economics, regulation, and sustainable development. Our particular expertise is in the sectors of renewable energy sources (RES), EU-Russia energy relations, and modernization of the Russian power sector.

Our main aim is to produce top-quality research and to contribute to the leading academic publications: journals, proceedings, and monographs. The members and associates of CES have published dozens of excellent academic papers in the journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

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Director of Centre for Energy Studies is Professor Wadim Strielkowski.

Professor Strielkowski is one the mostly cited Czech energy economists distinguished by the numerous research discoveries, publications of enduring quality, best referred articles, phenomenal editorial work for various journals, and his exceptional intellectual leadership in energy economics and policy, renewable energy sources, e-tourism, as well as educational policies.

Research Team

Bismarck Arevilca, Assistant Director

Aida Guliyeva, Assistant Director

Evgeniya Krivokora, Associate Researcher 

Cezary Kwiatkowski, Associate Researcher

Grzegorz Mentel, Assistant Director

Mihaela Simionescu, Associate Researcher

Mirel-Daniel Simionescu, Associate Researcher

Wadim Strielkowski, Director  

Anetta Zielińska, Associate Researcher

Maria Volkova, CES Administrator

CES selected representative publications

  • Strielkowski, W., Sherstobitova, A., Rovny, P., & Evteeva, T. (2021). Increasing Energy Efficiency and Modernization of Energy Systems in Russia: A Review. Energies, 14(11), 3164. doi: 10.3390/en14113164 

  • Čábelková, I., Strielkowski, W., Streimikiene, D., Cavallaro, F., & Streimikis, J. (2021). The social acceptance of nuclear fusion for decision making towards carbon free circular economy: Evidence from Czech Republic. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 163, 120477. doi: 10.1016/j.techfore.2020.120477 

  • Chebotareva, G., Strielkowski, W., & Streimikiene, D. (2020). Risk assessment in renewable energy projects: A case of Russia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 269, 122110. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.122110

  • Strielkowski, W., Volkova, E., Pushkareva, L., & Streimikiene, D. (2019). Innovative policies for energy efficiency and the use of renewables in households. Energies, 12(7), 1392. doi: 10.3390/en12071392 

  • Newbery, D., Pollitt, M.G., Ritz, R.A., & Strielkowski, W. (2018). Market design for a high-renewables European electricity system. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 91, 695-707. doi: 10.1016/j.rser.2018.04.025

  • Strielkowski, W., Bilan, Y., & Štreimikienė, D. (2017). Network charging and residential tariffs: A case of household photovoltaics in the United Kingdom. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 77, 461-473. doi: 10.1016/j.rser.2017.04.029
  • Balitskiy, S., Bilan, Y., Strielkowski, W., & Štreimikienė, D. (2016). Energy efficiency and natural gas consumption in the context of economic development in the European Union. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 55, 156-168
  • Lisin, E., Sobolev, A., Strielkowski, W., & Garanin, I. (2016). Thermal Efficiency of Cogeneration Units with Multi-Stage Reheating for Russian Municipal Heating Systems. Energies, 9(4), 269
  • Streimikiene, D., Strielkowski, W., Bilan, Y., & Mikalauskas, I. (2016). Energy dependency and sustainable regional development in the Baltic States-a review. Geographica Pannonica, 20(2), 79-87
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  • Lisin, E., Strielkowski, W., Amelina, A., Konova, O., & Čábelková, I. (2014). Mathematical Approach to Wholesale Power and Capacity Market Regulation. Applied Mathematical Sciences, 8(156), 7765-7773
  • Nikiforova, D., Lisin, E., Strielkowski, W., Mirvald, M., & Odintsova, N. (2014). Innovative Potential of Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Technology. Contemporary Engineering Sciences, 7(18), 879-887
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