Mihaela Simionescu

Director, Centre for Migration Studies, Prague Business School

E-mail: simionescu@pbs-education.cz ; mihaela_mb1@yahoo.com

Research interests: international migration, immigration, labour markets and international economics, statistics, econometrics, data collection and analysis 

Background:  Mihaela Simionescu (Bratu), doctor in Economics (domain: Cybernetics and Statistics (2013)) and habilitated doctor in Economics (2016), PhD Supervisor, scientific researcher 2nd degree at the Institute for Economic Forecasting, Associate Researcher at Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement and fellow at Global Labour Organization. 

Mihaela is also a Professor at Social Innovations Doctoral School from Mykolas Romeris University of Vilnius (Lithuania), teaching lectures of Statistical Analysis and Econometrics for Scientific Research (2016,2018), Visiting Researcher at Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies in Rome (Italy) (2017), Visiting Professor at Paneuropean University from Slovakia (2016-2017), and a Visiting Researcher at Romanian Academy Iasi Branch- Institute for Economic and Social Research Gherghe Zane (2015).