Energy Economics and Policy

Energy Economics and Policy course (this is an indicative schedule for informative purposes)

Download presentation "Sharing economy and P2P electricity markets" (PPTs)

Download presentation "Power market formation for clean energy production" (PPTs)

Duration: 1 semester (12 lectures (12 weeks)), 6 ECTS (approximated) 

Short syllabus:

  1. Introduction: energy economics and policy 
  2. Climate change and GHG: the role of Paris Agreement
  3. Energy policy in the EU countries
  4. Renewable energy sources (RES)
  5. Modernization of energy sector and energy saving
  6. Energy tariffs and charges: electricity markets 
  7. Smart meters: a focus on consumers
  8. Energy storage: batteries and hydro storage
  9. Electric vehicles (EV) and charging
  10. Prosumers and P2P electricity markets
  11. Recycling and waste management
  12. Conclusions: energy policy of the future


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