Centre for Migration Studies

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Centre for Migration Studies in Prague Business School is a top-notch research centre specializing in studying migration, integration, labour market inclusion of asylum seekers and international protection applicants, undeclared work and other issues related to international migration. Please see our list of representative publications below.


Director of the Centre for Migration Studies is Professor Mihaela Simionescu

Research Team

Alessio Brown, Associate Researcher

Svetlana Kalyugina, Associate Researcher

Liudmila Kiseleva, Associate Researcher

Elena Korneeva, Associate Researcher 

Grzegorz Mentel, Associate Researcher

Andrius Puksas, Associate Researcher

Wadim Strielkowski, Associate Researcher

Yuriy Vovk, Associate Researcher

Aurelija Ulbinaite, Associate Researcher

CMS representative publications

  • Simionescu, M., Strielkowski, W., & Kalyugina, S. (2017). The impact of Brexit on labour migration and labour markets in the United Kingdom and the EU. Terra Economicus, 15(1), 148-156
  • Simionescu, M., Bilan, Y., Smrčka, L., Vincúrová, Z. (2017). The effects of European Economic Integration and the impact of Brexit on the UK immigrants from the CEE countries. E&M Economics and Management, 20(1), 29-47
  • Strielkowski, W., Bilan, Y., & Kalyugina, S. (2016). Dimensiones sociales y públicas de la migración internacional: un estudio comparativo de Turquía y Ucrania. Revista Novedades en Población, 12(24), 156-167
  • Strielkowski, W., & Sperkova, L. (2016). Ukrainian Labour Migration and Remittances in the European Union. Trames: A Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 20(3), 297-314
  • Simionescu, M. (2016). Macroeconomic determinants of permanent emigration from Romania. A Bayesian approach. Journal of International Studies, 9(2), 170-180 
  • Strielkowski, W., Bilan, Y., & Demkiv, O. (2016). Religion and International Migration: A Case Study of Ukraine. Religions, 7(6), 64 
  • Strielkowski, W., & Bilan, Y. (2016). Migration aspirations & decisions: A comparative study of Turkey and Ukraine. Intellectual Economics, 10(1), 18-27
  • Strielkowski, W., Tumanyan, Y., & Kalyugina, S. (2016). Labour Market Inclusion of International Protection Applicants and Beneficiaries. Economics & Sociology, 9(2), 293-302
  • Simionescu, M., Ciuiu, D., Bilan, Y., & Strielkowski, W. (2016). GDP and Net Migration in Some Eastern and South-Eastern Countries of Europe. A Panel Data and Bayesian Approach. Montenegrin Journal of Economics, 12(2), 161-175

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