Anna Tarasova

Lecturer, Prague Business School; Project Manager, Omega-R Inc. (USA)


Research interests: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial educational organizations, efficiency and effectiveness of organizational institutions, innovative ecosystems, educational economics, innovative policy.

Background: Research covers the financial and economic crises in the Russian society which focuses on important issues, one of which is the quality of education as a basis for creating and sustaining an innovation ecosystem.

Anna is experienced in managing EU funded projects. Has good leadership skills: was among organizers of a number of international conferences mostly within TEMPUS projects; 4th ENQA Members' Forum; NASA Science Meeting; GOFC-GOLD and NEESPI Workshop and Regional Conference Impacts of extreme weather on natural, socio-economic, and land-use systems; training workshops for external evaluators; director of LLC 'Orion'); 2. has strong project management knowledge - led the team of Russian partners in several project activities, e.g TEMPUS1-2013-1-AM-TEMPUS-JPGR - ALIGN, TEMPUS project JEP-TRAN-CB-FOR-2005, TEMPUS-JPHES-N516796 - SUFAREL; 3. evaluation and assessment of final reports on the results of external evaluation (coordinated the work of more than 20 site visits to Russian universities, that is more than 150 programme accreditation procedures; 4. knowledge of quality assurance procedures in HE (contributed to analytical report on HE systems; comparative report of educational systems in the EHEA). 

Anna also acts as a lecturer for the Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement with a broad experience in webinars and on-site lectures and presentations on academic publishing and scientometrics.