Yury Firsov

Associate Researcher, Centre for Tourism Studies, Prague Business School

Research interests: marketing, strategic marketing, project management, law and taxation.

Background: Yury Firsov has been the general director of FSK Palmira ltd. since 2008. The areas of business activities of the company: consulting services in the areas of management, marketing, law and taxation. He has been teaching marketing at the European University of Information Technology and Economics in Warsaw since 2016. 

He is a Ph.D. in Economics and specializes in marketing. Yury Firsov is the author of various publications in the fields of marketing, management, and law. He is a co-author of 5 textbooks, published in Russia (Marketing practice (2014), Marketing surveys (2014), Marketing word-book (2013), Financial marketing: theory and practical applications (2013). He is also the author of 27 scientific articles published in Russia and in European Union countries. Since 2005, he has been teaching the following subjects at supplementary vocational education courses: marketing, strategic marketing, project management, investments, export and import operations, etc.