Our Faculty

Prague Business School is in the business of putting the bright minds together. Our Faculty members come from many countries, including Bolivia, China, Columbia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine, USA and the United Kingdom. They are academics and lecturers with working and lecturing experience at world-leading universities, governmental officials, researchers and consultants, IT specialists, highly-ranked managers of multinational companies, bankers and financial advisors. Many of our faculty members are world leaders in their field, creating new insight and applying the latest thinking to real-world issues.

Managing Director

Katarína Hercegová 

Deputy Directors 

Jose Niño-Amézquita (Deputy Director for the Overseas Markets)

Aida Guliyeva (Deputy Director for Educational Policies)

Wadim Strielkowski (Deputy Director for International Relations)

External Lecturers and Associates

Alessio Brown

Inna Čábelková

Andrius Puksas

Aurelija Ulbinaite

Yuriy Vovk 

Jing Wang

Administrative support

Stanislava Ozerova

Marie Volkova